Apace Expands in Anticipation of Significant

Growth in Serialized Contract Packaging

September 18, 2015

As a contract packager in the pharmaceutical industry, it is critically important to stay current (if not ahead) of industry trends. Apace Packaging LLC, a medium-sized contract packager serving the pharmaceutical industry, continues to demonstrate their commitment to this fact by advancing its leadership position in the industry by offering fully serialized packaging solutions (including full aggregation) to its customers.

It is with great pride that Apace is announcing the expansion of its packaging capacity with the procurement of a new, fully automated, high-speed packaging line for bottled oral solid dose units (OSDs). Working with it partners (NJM Packaging, ESS Technologies, Inc., and Optel Vision), Apace has designed the new packaging line to deliver a flexible and economical solution to its customers. “As a contract packager, we have to be as flexible as possible. The last thing we want to tell a customer is ‘No, we don’t have that capability’” says Frank Guthrie, Director of Sales, Operations, and Serialization. With that in mind, the new line has been designed to handle round, square, and oblong bottles in a wide range of sizes, pouch and canister desiccants, practically any type of OSD dosage unit imaginable and at practically any count, multiple types and length of dunnage/coil, topserts and sideserts, and individual bottles or bundles in cases of various case counts. NJM Packaging is providing the majority of the line solution from the bottle unscrambler down through 360 degree bottle inspection station. ESS Technologies, Inc.is providing a fully automated case packing and palletization solution, and Optel Vision is providing a complete end-of-line vision solution with unit level serialization and full aggregation capabilities.

This expansion coincides with a 20,000 ft2 expansion of the warehouse (with ground being broken this week), which also includes expansion of our controlled substance storage capabilities. The warehouse is due to be completed 1st Quarter 2016 and new line is expected to be installed, qualified, and operational mid-3rd Quarter 2016.

“This is a very exciting time for Apace”, say Frank Guthrie. “The industry has responded well to Apace’s leadership position compared to other contract packagers in the industry, and this expansion represents a 3-fold increase in our bottle packaging capacity.” After the signing of the Drug Quality and Security Act (which included the Drug Supply Chain and Security Act), Apace saw much of the industry take a step back and wait for as new implementation dates for serialization were pushed out to 2017 and beyond. At that time, Apace was preparing for the implementation of California’s e-Pedigree Law. After meeting with ownership, senior management decided to continue to move forward so that Apace could operate as a leading contract packager in the pharmaceutical industry. Apace currently has two bottling lines and two blister lines; all of which have their serialization solutions (by Optel Vision, Roc IT Solutions, and Oracle) fully implemented and validated. Apace has been actively serializing product since mid-2014.

Should you have any packaging needs, or simply any questions regarding serialization, please feel free to reach out to Apace via the following email address: ApaceCS@ApacePak.com