• Bottling capabilities for solid dose products include tablets, capsules, caplets, softgels and gelcaps
  • Bottling capabilities for a wide variety of bottles types, shapes and sizes
  • Two medium speed bottling lines with a combined capacity of up to 230 bottles per minute
  • Production systems with rapid setup and change over time allow flexibility
  • Verification of lot and date code of each label utilizing character recognition
  • Confirmation of print clarity with 100% accuracy
  • Bar code scanning capability with rejection control that confirms each bar code is correct for Labels and Outserts
  • Label presence sensors that guarantee label application to each bottle
  • Bottle un-scramblers are equipped with an ionized air rinse and vacuum to ensure every bottle is free of contamination.
  • Sensors detect missing or skewed caps, and missing foil
  • Automatic cartoner is capable of packaging between 1 and 12 bottles per carton
  • Capability to print the lot number, expiration date, and bar code directly on the carton.

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